A face to face meeting is the first stage in determining how, where and when we can help you. Most of the appointments are held between 10am and 2pm, but we also offer evening appointment that run through to 10.30pm at night.

We can discuss different move options that range from the minimalist level of service which is just the removal of furniture that you can’t move yourself, to a full belts and braces approach where we do absolutely everything.

We offer different levels of support and advice.  For some customers moving is a regular experience whereas  we have also moved people that have lived in the same property for 40 years and need more support and assurance.

The meeting is free, our quotes are free and we do not employ any hard sell tactics. We only want to work with customers that genuinely want to work with us.

Please call today so we can speak and arrange a meeting. The direct line is 01784 892099.

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