Residential Home Moves

Staines is fast becoming a popular destination for people moving out from London to gain more home and garden space and a higher quality of life. It boasts a picturesque river, excellent shopping centre and easy links to the North, South and West of England as well as strong transport links into London.

For some customers the whole house moving experience can be fun, especially for first time buyer becoming a home owner for the first time. For others, who have built up possessions over years it can be long and traumatic experience, especially for those that are significantly downsizing the size of their property and their possessions.

We understand that one size of service does not fit all, which is why we always insist on meeting you to discuss the move. For very simple moves, a meeting can take as little as 10 minutes. But for other customers who are downsizing, looking to dispose of possessions, needing storage or moving goods to multiple destinations, we could be with you for a couple of hours. We go by the adage ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ and time at this stage, time needed, is time well spent.

We firmly believe that your decision to employ someone to move your lives’ possessions shouldn’t be taken lightly which is why we are keen to cover every angle and present all options to you.

Free Visit &  Itemised Estimate

We can make an appointment to visit you during the day, during the evening or at the weekend. Many of our customers have very busy lives and cannot take time off during the working day, which is why we try and be as flexible as possible.

We meet we can explain the different service options and also offer advice. Our service ranges from moving just the larger items for you, (with you removing the rest), through to full packing, storage, disposal and construction of flat pack furniture. For the undecided we can provide different quote options.

The moving experience

Larger moves can take place over several days, whereas with smaller moves we may pack, dismantle furniture, load and unload our vehicles and leave goods as they were at the new destination, all in one day.

If you have decided to undertake your own packing we will deliver boxes at a time that suits you. If we are doing the packing we will normally bring packaging material on the day of the move.

The start time on the day of the move, will depend on a number of factors. If you are selling a house, we will need to understand the planned completion time and work backwards. If you have no such restrictions you will have more flexibility to choose a time that works well for you and your family.

We discuss this with you at the first appoint, but should you wish to break the move down into different areas, we do suggest that you check our moving checklist.

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